Transcript of Jack’s interview with Michelle Eliot on CBC’s the Early Edition in regards to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Transcription of CBC’s the Early Edition
April 23, 2018

Jack Woodward’s comments on the Kinder Morgan pipeline at 1:30:07 of interview with Michelle Eliot in
for Stephen Quinn.

Michelle: The dispute over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project continues. Kinder Morgan
says it needs regulatory clarity in BC by May 31st in order to push forward with construction. Meanwhile
the BC NDP government says it will submit a question of jurisdiction to the BC Court of Appeal before
the end of the month. And throughout the war of words between BC, Alberta and the federal
government pertaining to the pipeline the word “unconstitutional” has been thrown around quite a bit.
Our next guest questions whether that usage has been accurate. Jack Woodward is a BC based
Aboriginal rights and constitutional lawyer. He worked on the landmark Tsilhqot’in case for 25 years and
Jack joins us now here in our Vancouver Studio. Good morning.

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