Sound clip: CBC’s The Current on the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion divides Indigenous communities.

CBC the Current, April 17, 2018: As the divide thickens for politicians in B.C. and Alberta over the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the sentiment also resonates with First Nations in these provinces.

First Nation leaders in favour of the project argue there’s an opportunity for economic prosperity for their people.

But critics warn beyond the environmental ruin, the pipeline could become Canada’s own Standing Rock, an Indigenous-led protest of a controversial pipeline in the U.S. that stretched on for months.

Bob Chamberlin, vice-president of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, opposes the expansion and suggests the pipeline won’t be built.

“I say that because the opposition that is present is very much committed to this,” Chamberlin told The Current’s guest host Laura Lynch.

To hear the full interview please click here, Jack speaks at the 13:20 minute mark.