Native Law 2020 Release – 2



Native Law

This Release includes updates to the law in the following important areas:

Major change to organization of the federal government. This release reflects the changes to the former Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, which has been split into two departments: the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, and the Department of Indigenous Services. The resulting legislative and administrative changes are noted throughout the text. See especially paragraphs 3§490 to 3§540, and 19§100.

British Columbia — implementation of UNDRIP. British Columbia became the first jurisdiction in the world to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as part of domestic law. See paragraphs 1§2415, 2§1089 and 4§135.

Formal assumption of federal responsibility for Métis. The 2019 legislative changes mark the first time the Canada has formally assumed responsibility for Métis peoples. See paragraph 1§270.

Indigenous Languages Act. Canada has enacted the Indigenous Languages Act, which states that section 35 rights include “rights related to Indigenous languages”. See paragraph 5§2530.

You can find the PDF copy here: Publisher’s Notes – 2020(2)