Cloud-based Document Management at Federal Court

The cloud-based document management program, CaseLines, was introduced at the Federal Court of Canada this week, used by the parties and the Court in a motion to strike before Prothonotary Aalto.

Jack Woodward, Q.C., representing the Plaintiff First Nation, gave other counsel access to a Hearing File created in CaseLines a week before the hearing. As the motion documents were filed with the Federal Court, we (the Plaintiffs) loaded documents into the CaseLines Hearing File. Note that, as in the Ontario Courts, CaseLines is only being used as a cloud-based document sharing e-hearing platform during the hearings – all the standard filing procedures for the Federal Court continue to apply. Prothonotary Aalto took his training on CaseLines the day before the hearing. Read the full article on Kate Gower’s blog by clicking here.