Year: 2016

Case Comment: A Brief Critique of Malcolm v Fort McMurray First Nation, 2016 FC 672

CanLII Connects, August 5, 2016: The Federal Court found that the Membership Clerk of the Fort McMurray First Nation had properly placed a membership application on hold pending confirmation of the applicant’s actual registration under the Indian Act, even though the applicants were likely “entitled to be registered”. ​Respectfully, I see two problems with this […]

Native Law Updates – June 2016

The June 2016 updates to Native Law are now available in the looseleaf version as the text, as well as on ProView. Some of the new information available in this release is: A new judicial comment on the text. Justice Victoria Starr relied on two passages in Native Law in a recent Ontario Court of […]

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Native Law Updates – April 2016

Here’s a summary of some of the latest updates to Native Law: A new judicial comment on the text. Native Law was referred to with approval by Madam Justice Miriam Gropper of the BC Supreme Court in Bradfield Estate v Brydges, 2016 BCSC 189 at para 15. See Chapter 9, page 253. Supreme Court of Canada: Métis […]

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Native Law Updates – February 2016

Here are some highlights from the first 2016 update to Native Law: New Section: Judicial Comments on the Text. Native Law has been cited and relied upon dozens of times by the Courts. Passages from the text which have been particularly noted by judges are identified by chapter for easy reference. See the new red tab […]

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